DNS Servers On The Move

This message is intended for all technical staff.

With the cessation of the WAN internet link, various parts of the SLP back end infrastructure will shortly be undergoing maintenance.

This notice regards changes to our DNS hosting. For all schools with a “somerset.sch.uk” you can stop reading here, we are looking after you!

For any other school who uses their own domain names that weren’t registered through us (things like .co.uk domains that you’ve bought elsewhere), but have your Name Servers pointed to the SLP DNS servers, then you must take note.

Our DNS hosting service will very shortly be moving in to Azure, at which point domain Name Servers will need to be updated to the new location. For those domains that we own (i.e. .sch.uk domains) then we will be updating these domains for you, however if you have you own domain registered elsewhere, but are using our services, then please contact the ICT Helpdesk as soon as possible for information of what server settings you will need to update your DNS to.

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