Ransomware Attack

A school has informed us that they have had to shut down their PC network because of a Ransomware attack.

The virus was a .merry crypto virus and at this stage they do not know the source of the incident.

This will obviously cause the school great disruption leading to them checking servers, eradicating the malware but also might mean that they will lose important data.

All schools are reminded about the DFE related incident (https://slp.somerset.org.uk/ipost/Lists/iPost%20News/DispForm.aspx?ID=1648)

If schools subscribe to the Ed Tech part of eLIM then they will be able to download and distribute the booklet (https://slp.somerset.org.uk/sites/edtech/Subscriber%20Only/elimRansomware.pdf) to give to staff.

Schools should ask their technical support what measures are in place to protect the school and consider asking these questions of their technicians (https://slp.somerset.org.uk/sites/edtech/Subscriber%20Only/Questions%20for%20Technical%20Support%20v4.pdf) – Subscriber only.


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