Intermittent issue with Internet Access – Update 21/09/2015

It appears that the intermittent issue that has affected some schools over the past few weeks was caused by devices in schools that had insufficient anti-virus cover. One such device was identified late last week and was rectified on Friday. However, the issue reoccurred this morning due to a device in a different school, again with insufficient Anti-virus.

Southwest One continue to monitor the Threat Protection system in place, and will make adjustments where appropriate to minimise the disruption to schools

Further details and advice will be sent to all schools once the cause has been definitively confirmed.

All schools should be aware that it is the responsibility of their Senior Management Team to ensure that all devices connected to the WAN have full and current anti-virus protection.

In addition there is evidence that there are still a large number of schools with XP devices connected to the network. Updates are no longer available for XP so any of these devices also present a security risk to the network. Schools that have machines running XP as an operating system should remove them from the network and upgrade them as a matter of urgency.

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