Outlook Access Issues – 26th Jan 2015 – Update 14:53

Please see previous updates here: https://status.somersetelim.org/2015/01/26/outlook-access-issues-26th-jan-2015/


Update 27th Jan 14:53

Outlook Web Access and Outlook are now available. You may experience a slow initial connection the first time you log back on. However once accessed performance should be as usual.

If you are still having issues then please call the Service Desk – Details can be found here: https://slp.somerset.org.uk/support/SitePages/logging%20a%20call.aspx 

Apologies for this disruption to service.


Outlook Web Access is available and can be accessed at https://lea-owa.somerset.gov.uk/
If you need to set up open additional mailboxes: https://slp.somerset.gov.uk/somersetipost/iPost%20Documents/Opening%20Additional%20Mailboxes%20in%20OWA.docx

South West One engineers are still investigating the Outlook issue.

Apologies for this disruption to service.

Next update will be at 14:30.

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